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Corey Taylor Talks To Metal Hammer About Upcoming UK Tour

The Metal Hammer Radio Show recently conducted an interview with Corey Taylor about Slipknot‘s upcoming UK tour – you can hear the full interview this Friday on the …

MH: There’s big news in the world of Slipknot, big news in the world of metal, and indeed the UK – the Prepare For Hell Tour has just been announced. A lot of seeming seminal Slipknot gigs have happened in the UK, in a roundabout’s sense. Does it feel like a bit of a homecoming to you guys?

Corey Taylor: “Oh absolutely, you know, it’s like a home away from home basically. I actually put this in our press release. In a lot of ways the UK is where it all started for us. I can remember going over and playing that first show in London in December of ’99. It was a handful of days after my birthday and just being so stoked to be there. Then, playing The Astoria, which isn’t even there anymore, which is blasphemy by the way, and the level of insanity in that room is to this day, it’s still palpable. I can still feel it, like I think about it and the goosebumps come up, the cold sweats, the PTSD, I mean, it gets very, very crazy. It’s still, to me, one of the best shows we’ve ever played.”

MH: Do you feel like that was really a turning point, that when you came here and things kind of exploded you were able to go back to The States with a renewed kind of confidence?

Corey Taylor: “Well, I think it helped us, it showed us that we were appealing to something other than the American crowd. And there’s nothing wrong with that, but for us, we had always had a global vision. We wanted to take this as far around the world as possible and once we felt like we had the foot in we knew we were onto something, so it was just onwards and upwards from there.”

I’m sure that a lot of people over this side of the pond remember those shows very well indeed. Now speaking of the upcoming ones, an interesting thing was noted on the advertisements that have gone around. It doesn’t say, ‘Supported by Korn,’ it says, ‘With our brothers Korn.’ Do you remember meeting those guys for the first time, because I guess around the time of your debut they were the big kids on the block?

“They were definitely. I mean, not only were they the band that we loved, but we also aspired to what they had. It wasn’t until a handful of years later that we actually got to meet them and we got to know them, we got to be very close with them, to the point where now. It’s very weird to think that Jonathan Davis has me on a first name basis. It’s crazy when the bands you look up to become your peers, that’s a pretty big statement to what you’ve done, especially with that band because I have so much respect for what they’ve been able to do and what they’ve accomplished, and just how far they’ve been able to push their music. I mean, it’s fantastic. This is something that we’ve been trying to put together for a very, very long time. Just putting together a tour with them and finally, finally we get to do it and it just felt like the right time. They were available, we were ready to do it and the rest is going to be history.”

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Source: Metal Hammer

Corey Taylor Talks About Slipknot’s ‘.5: The Gray Chapter’ With Kerrang! Magazine

Death, disaster and defiance… Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor talks .5: The Gray Chapter, exclusively with Kerrang!.

In the new issue of Kerrang!, on sale now, the singer takes us inside his band’s brand new album – the follow-up to 2008′s All Hope Is Gone. Pick up a copy of the magazine, and find out everything you need to know about the new Slipknot tracks – from Sarcastrophe, to The Devil In I, Custer and The Negative One!

Corey has also exclusively spoken with Kerrang! about the album’s two bonus songs – Override and The Burden – available only on the special edition of Slipknot’s fifth full-length.

Find out what’s in store when the special edition of .5: The Gray Chapter drops…


Corey Taylor: “Overide is another song about maybe some of the bands that have come in the wake of this band’s absence, and how certain bands have taken music in maybe a more negative direction, and I don’t mean lyrically or just from an outside thing, but just the way music is treated, much more like a commodity than creativity, and this is us basically saying that, ‘Okay, your time is done. We’re not going to allow you to turn music into car insurance or hamburgers and shit like that.’”

The Burden

Corey Taylor: “The Burden is really about the weight – carrying the weight of something as horrendous as losing a friend, losing a band member, losing family, losing a person who for 15 years has been on this road with you. And carrying that, and realising that not only are they not going to be on the rest of the road with you, physically, but realising that there are going to be nights where you struggle with it. There are going to be nights where you sit bolt-upright in bed and think to yourself, ‘Fuck, what could I have done?’ And people can accept it as much as they

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Source: Kerrang! Comes To Life

Here We Go Again, Motherfucker!

“Just when you thought it was safe, Motherfucker!”, came to life on October 18, 2014. I started this fansite because I love Slipknot. “Family is much more than blood” is all about supporting the band. This website isn’t done for my personal profits. is a non-profit, non-commercial website. I have never earned a dollar on it, and never will. There’s nothing in it for me. Everything is for Slipknot, and of course for the band’s loyal fans – the Maggots. It’s all for you. I want this fansite to be something all Maggots will enjoy. Let’s all make this something special! So if you have any pieces of information worth sharing on the fansite feel free to contact me. is dedicated to The 9: #0 – Sid Wilson, #1 – Joey Jordison, #2 – Paul Gray, #3 – Chris Fehn, #4 – Jim Root, #5 – Craig “133” Jones, #6 – Shawn “Clown” Crahan, #7 – Mick Thomson, and #8 – Corey Taylor.

Some people know that I died the day Paul Gray passed away. Just like Corey sings in “This Cold Black”.: ‘Some day – One day – We’ll live our lives again’, and this is almost like that, if you know what I’m saying. This is it. It’s not me being back, it’s the goddamn fansite which is going to spread the (sic)ness once again.

There will be much more content added – expect some awesome stuff going down here!

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Mick Thomson Talks About The Person Who Plays Drums With Slipknot

Mick Thomson (#7 of Slipknot) says that the person who plays drums with the band “grew up with” the band’s music and “knew all the material” before stepping in and joining the group during the songwriting sessions for its upcoming album, “.5: The Gray Chapter”.

“We kinda knew who we wanted [to play drums on the new CD] from the start, and we got him,” Thomson told Guitar World magazine. “We knew from the get-go that there wasn’t going to be any issues with him. We did get lucky, I guess. He knew all the [old] material anyway. He’d grown up with the band. That made things easier.”

Mick Thomson - Slipknot

Source: Blabbermouth

Slipknot Rolling Stone Interview

Rolling Stone magazine recently conducted an interview with Slipknot‘s Shawn Crahan and Corey Taylor. You can read a few excerpts form the interview below.

Gray Matters: Slipknot Open Up About Their Most Devastating Record Ever

I don’t usually let people see me cry,” Slipknot percussionist Shawn Crahan says matter-of-factly. “It’s too hard. But when I heard what Corey Taylor sang on the song ‘XIX,’ I cried and cried and cried. It hurt so bad.”

“XIX” is the funereal dirge that kicks off .5: The Gray Chapter, the menacing metal screamers’ fifth studio album and first since the 2010 death of their friend and bandmate Paul Gray. Crahan, best known for wearing a bloody clown mask and convulsing his body during the band’s frenetic concerts, had constructed the track as a three-minute eulogy for Gray, the group’s founding bassist who died of an accidental overdose of morphine and the painkiller fentanyl. Crahan spoke the song’s opening words, “This song is not for the living; this song is for the dead.” But it’s the lyrics that frontman Taylor wrote that drove him to tears: “Walk with me, just like we should have done right from the start…. Walk with me, don’t let this fucking world tear you apart.”

For the first time in the four years since their bandmate died, the musicians – whose frightening façades belie deeply emotional men nearly crippled by the loss of their friend – were finally working together on new music. Ultimately, they made a record that paid tribute to Gray while maintaining the seething, heavy hostility their fans love – often at the same time. Where their previous albums found them pointing their middle fingers at the world, .5: The Gray Chapter is their most focused album yet. Also, because of everything they’ve been though, it’s often their heaviest – both musically and emotionally.