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Slipknot – Gothenburg, Sweden – Europe 2016 Tour – Audio From Full Show Available

Audio recording from Slipknot‘s recent show in Gothenburg, Sweden is available below.

The 7 performed the following songs:

1. The Negative One
2. Disasterpiece
3. Eyeless
4. Skeptic
5. I Am Hated
6. Killpop
7. Dead Memories
8. Everything Ends
9. Psychosocial
10. Wait And Bleed
11. Duality
12. The Devil In I
13. Metabolic
14. (sic)
15. Surfacing
16. Left Behind
17. Spit It Out


Please Help Aly – Stacy THOMSON’s Friend – On GoFundMe

Dear Slipknot fans,

Stacy, the wife of Mick Thomson (#7 of Slipknot,) has stared a GoFundMe campaign for her friend Aly. Below you can read a message from Mrs. 7:

“My name is Stacy Thomson. Like most people, I’ve had many friends come and go throughout my life. Some people are amazing, genuinely great people that we stay in touch with. Aly is one of these people. I met her over a decade ago and was always fascinated with how intelligent and talented she is, but most of all how she is just a genuinely good person. This is so rare these days.

“A few years ago, Aly was diagnosed with Gasteroparesis. This is a disease in which the stomach cannot empty properly. Treatment includes living on a feeding tube for the rest of your life. If you can imagine being the sickest you have ever been (generally speaking), but knowing that you will never get better. Vomiting, passing out, pain, feeding tube hole infection, etc. Every day of your life, forever. Aly has a support group on Facebook that she very often posts to, hoping for some sort of comfort. I’ve had to call her on different occasions after cryptic posts on Facebook that I assumed were implying suicide. I regret to say it, but I wouldn’t blame her. She reassured me that even though she wakes up every day just hoping to feel better, but knows that she just never will, could never kill herself. She could never hurt the people who love her.

“Aly is struggling daily with her unpredictable symptoms, attempting to travel to school every day to build a career so that she can take care of her ridiculous medical bills as well as maintain some semblance of a normal life. With her constant illness and pain, she can barely make school and is dragging herself deeper into debt rather than cushioning her future. If anyone deserves worldwide support, it’s someone who is just barely hanging onto life and living day to day.

“Aly needs our help! Even $1 can help toward our goal to help Aly pay for Student Loan costs, Medical bills, Living expenses, etc.”

So hey Maggots, let’s spread the word about this GoFundMe campaign, and if you can help, then please do. Let’s make it happen!


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