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Corey Taylor Interviewed By Svenska YLE

Svenska YLE recently conducted an interview with Corey Taylor before Slipknot‘s February 15 concert in Helsinki, Finland.

#8 of Slipknot talked about cooking, recording the new Slipknot album and more.

Corey Taylor also spoke about the first song he ever wrote. He said: “The first song I ever wrote that I recorded was called ‘Call My Name’. I was an acoustic song about my ex-girlfriend. And, yeah, it’s very sappy. I was… 16? Yeah, I was 16. And if you listen to it, you can fucking tell. But you have to start somewhere.”

He continued: “That’s the thing. If you go with your interests, there’s no wrong answer, there’s no right answer; you just kind of go with what you know. So, for me, I had just taught myself how to play guitar, so it was very folklore, wonderful, weird shit, and it was just cool. It was cool to hear something that I had written back at me. And that’s kind of what got me addicted. I didn’t even know if I was fucking any good or not, but I just loved the feel of hearing something that I had written back at me and knowing that I could improve on it if I really needed to.”

You can listen to the full interview at Svenska YLE.

Corey Taylor - Slipknot .5: The Gray Chapter

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Slipknot To Tour The U.S. In Spring – Prepare For Hell Tour

Slipknot has announced a short leg of the Prepare For Hell Tour in the U.S. Tickets are now on sale at

Slipknot – Prepare For Hell Tour U.S. dates:

April 29 – Pensacola, FL – Pensacola Bay Center
April 30 – New Orleans, LA – Champions Square-Superdome
May 02 – Pelham, AL – Oak Mountain Amphitheatre
May 05 – Knoxville, TN – Knoxville Coliseum
May 08 – Bloomington, IL – US Cellular Coliseum
May 10 – Cedar Rapids, IA – US Cellular Center
May 12 – Erie, PA – Erie Insurance Arena
May 13 – Scranton, PA – The Pavilion at Montage Mountain
May 16 – Grand Rapids, MI – Van Andel Arena

Slipknot - Prepare For Hell Tour U.S. 2015

Chris Fehn Rock Sins Interview

Rock Sins recently conducted an interview with Chris Fehn. #3 of Slipknot talked about the new album, touring with Korn, and more. Below you can read an excerpt from the chat.

Rock Sins: How do you as a band come up with those sort of concepts?

Chris Fehn: Well that’s Corey Taylor. He’s amazing man. I mean he’s smart, he’s a great lyricist. I mean, I’ve tried to write lyrics and songs, not for Slipknot but just on my own, just on a piece of paper. I’m just like wow, I appreciate him so much for his talent… And also it helps me play the songs live over and over and over and over. I’ve played these songs a thousand times but yet, it’s those words that hit me as a person also. So I’m into it and it keeps me enjoying what I do.

Rock Sins: So what keeps it fresh?

Chris Fehn: Well obviously a new record. Playing new songs live and seeing the reaction. That’s always great because it’s fresh and it’s new which in turn makes the older songs important and more cool too. And you get to go back mentally, like I can go back to those early memories when I was playing Sic or People = Shit and I still get that same rush from those songs. So I mean it’s just all good, all the way around.

Rock Sins: Each time Slipknot finish an album cycle, it feels like we’re counting down to hiatus. What inspires you to come back stronger each time?

Chris Fehn: I think it’s the fans. They never left us. If we were irrelevant and found that nobody took interest anymore I assume that would have an effect on it. But more and more people are coming now, younger kids and the kids that were 20 years old, they’re 35 now, or the 30 year olds are 45. We have this big range of fans that have stayed loyal. We’re very blessed in that respect.


Chris Fehn - Slipknot - .5: The Gray Chapter

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