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Corey Taylor Interviewed By Revolver Magazine

Revolver Magazine recently conducted an interview with Corey Taylor. Below you can read a couple of excerpts from the interview.

Revolver: On the flip side, death-metal cookie-monster vocals were once totally over-the-top and now most new metal bands seem to growl instead of sing. So screaming is no longer extreme.

Corey Taylor: There are still some great bands that can scream and sound brutal, so it depends on who’s doing it. As long as there’s quality, you can have all the quantity in the world. But if you’re not saying anything then it doesn’t matter. If a band has content and they’re saying something real and poignant then those bands are going to transcend that. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing, it’s all down to how you do it. I think the bands that do it really well are the bands that have great writing, are passionate, and can keep doing it at that level. I don’t think it’s passé so much. Obviously, it’s almost cliché at this point, but if there’s a message there and something that feels real and you can get behind, you can use any style you want to get your point across.”

Revolver: Gene Simmons recently declared that rock was dead. Are you the ones keeping rock alive?

Corey Taylor: “‘Skeptic’ beat Taylor Swift on the songs charts on iTunes. That’s a pretty big fuck you to the pop world. So if rock’s dead, then this corpse is walking around smacking people.”

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